Annual International Conference NETTIES (Network Entities)

The conference will be held every two years, but in a different country, as  a continuation of the NETTIES Conference which run continuously from 1994 to 2006. Conference topics will differ but will be within the IAFeS scope.

Student Research Conference
The IAFeS  Student Research Conference target research students (Master and PhD), to share their work-in-progress and meet with IAFeS researchers. It will be based on small workshops and tutorials, which give them an opportunity to share their research, secure some critical skills and also as a career opportunities exploration. It will be organised together with a Research Summer School.

Summer Schools
The IAFeS Summer Schools are organised in co-operation with different universities, open to all students and will help all participants to gain from new methods of lecturing and research as well as enjoying the international atmosphere. The first one SUSTP will be organized in St. Petersburg in co-operation with  St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications from July 6-19, 2014.

International Journal for eScience
The journal will start as an Open Online International Journal for eScience, a peer-reviewed journal with a well-established editorial board, which will permit free access to published articles based on Creative Commons licenses.