International Association for eScience

The association bears the name ”Internationaler Verein für eScience / International Association for eScience (IAFES)”, has its seat in Vienna (Austria, Europe) and extends its activity up world-wide with an international emphasis.


Objective of the Association

The association, whose activity is not directed towards profit, aims:

·       to promote the development, education and research in the area of eScience:

-          Information and communications technology (ICT),
-          telecommunications,
-          e-learning,
-          e-media,
-          e-culture, …

·       promotion of young researchers in these areas
·       offering an exchange platform for experts
·       offering an international co-operation platform

Next Activities:

NETTIES Conference in Athens ,
May 4 - 6, 2017



Summer University Wuhan, China,
September 5th - 15th 2017